Header Usage tips for guests

Usage tips for guests


In winter and summer, only open doors and windows to ventilate the time required.

In winter, keep doors and windows closed while housing is heating to keep the heat captured by the windows facing south and generated by under-floor heating.

In summer, keep doors and windows closed during the day to keep out the outside air that is at more temperature than the inside air, which has remained cool thanks to the inertia of the walls.

In winter, wear inside the house with clothing appropriate to the season. The comfort temperature to which the system is programmed to 20 º -21 º.


Keep lights and appliances on only when necessary.

Use electrical appliances such as washing machine and dishwasher preferably during daytime when there is solar radiation. Thus the sun’s energy is used directly and batteries, useful for the night are not discharged. This is especially necessary in winter where there is little sunshine. In summer, the house produces surplus of electric energy.


Keep water taps open only during use, do not leave the water running.

Try that the gray waters from showers and bidets contain only soap and water, it is easier to purify and prevents odors in the irrigation network.