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Natural air conditioning

To get the comfort temperature in summer, around 26 º C, it is essential the behavior of earth, lime and hemp walls, with high thermal inertia that hinders the rise of internal temperature. Besides the providing shade that pergolas give to the south façade, in particular in holes, becomes mandatory.

In general we found that the temperature difference that keep the walls is up to 8 º C. This is achieved maintaining the house’s temperature to 26-28°C without energy intake, when summer outdoor temperatures are around 34ºC. If the outside temperature goes up cooling ventilation comes in, as there is always a facade facing away from the sun to facilitate air movement and reduces heat sensation in various degrees. At night the temperature usually drops about 8-10 degrees, cross ventilation significantly improves comfort inside the house reducing the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees.

In winter elements covering pergolas are removed for sun exposure of the south facade and the greenhouse effect takes advantage of the gaps. In addition, the walls serve due to its composition as accumulators. Additionally it has been installed a radiant floor system where the water is heated on 8 thermal collectors installed on the roof, which also generate hot water for the home. This system has a tank propane gas (LPG) as a backup heating.

Registered by the weather station temperatures reveal that on sunny days the house is able to maintain a constant temperature of about 20 ° C outside temperature up to 10 ° C with soil functioning without solar radiant energy intake.

With respect to humidity, the data we have in winter and summer show that the walls and lime coating are held constant humidity of around 60 %. This influences the thermal comfort and the feeling of heat depends on the temperature but also humidity. A constant humidity within the range of comfort, improves the performance of bioclimatic housing.