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Our adventure in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural reserve began in 2004 when we started looking for a place to live closer to nature, away from the pace of the city and in a different way. In 2006 we decided to move from Barcelona to Nijar and, after a long search, in 2009 we began to rehabilitate the cortijo where we have been living since 2010.

We decided to live in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural reserve reserve bacause it is one of the most special places in Spain and has beautiful unspoilt beaches. The sky, the light, the sunsets and the stars of Cabo de Gata are exceptional. A host defined the sky in this way: “an Enormous sky with every possible combination of intricate clouds …”.

In the natural reserve we found a beautiful cortijo in ruins, surrounded by the countryside of the Valle del Hornillo, a very peaceful place, just 10km from the sea in a secluded and privileged environment. We felt that this place was perfect to carry out our project of sustainable living.

We have built a house with green and sustainable materials and energy self-sufficient. We try to be consistent with our choice of sustainable living, although not always easy. Here we live and enjoy the nature around us with our two cortijeros children, and we also like to share our project with all the guests of the house.

Umberto manage the house and he is web designer and developer. Almudena is architect specialized in eco-frindly architecture and construction. During the years 2012-2014 we developed the Tenada Verde project through which we have organized a schedule of activities about sustainable living.