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Green restoration

The location

The Cortijada del Hornillo is in the geographic center of the Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar. Historically it was one of the most important cortijadas (small core of rural households) by population, being as a whole of a great ethnographic value representing the testimony of lifestyle and occupation of the territory of the ancient inhabitants of the area.

The original building consists of a few simple and prismatic volumes characteristic of popular buildings in the area, whose longest facade is oriented southeast. Both the orientation and the position on top of a small hill, they are not random.

This location allows permits it:

  • A drier enclave in a valley that is very humid in winter, especially when the sun goes down.
  • A dominant position of the territory, offering spectacular views of the valley in all directions.
  • Efficient utilization of the solar cycle since there is nothing that will shade it all day. Combined with the northwest-southeast orientation of the longest facades, it gets a good exposure to solar radiation that directly affects its bioclimatic behavior.

Technical data

Location: Cortijo del Hornillo, Fernán Pérez- Nijar (Almería)
GPS Coordinates: 36.88780 latitude, longitude -2.08675
Area: 302 m2
Type: Detached house
Use: Home and Rural House
Eco-friendly materials
Earth, hemp, lime, EPDM
Heating and sanitary hot water
Water under-floor heating with solar panels and LPG boiler support
Bioclimatic systems without energy input
Autonomous photovoltaic system, batteries and diesel generator support
Energy certification: B
Carbon footprint of the Rural House: 4.8 kg CO2/m2
Project: Architecture Study agranel www.agranel.org